Men's Zurich Suede Leather - Taupe

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The Zurich: Classic with a Twist

At first glance, the Zurich style comes across as a classic BIRKENSTOCK shoe. But the open/closed combination look makes it a visually unique model, flattering to men and women alike.

Highlighting the BIRKENSTOCK Zurich

The draw of the BIRKENSTOCK shoe is its simplicity—the use of clean lines, soft and wearable fabrics in executing expert construction. The Zurich shoe exemplifies the BIRKENSTOCK commitment to classic, quality design.

  • Minimalist design- The aesthetic choices made for the Zurich shoe are simple but affecting. One expects to see empty space in between the slim buckle straps that are slightly widely set apart, but the extra upper fabric used there instead gives this style a little something more. The buckles contrast with the fabrics just enough to add a bit of depth to the overall look, and are adjustable to create a custom fit to the wearer.
  • Durable construction- Oiled leather and suede are used to create the BIRKENSTOCK Zurich. Both soft, strong and natural fabrics are used alongside the time-tested, and perfected, BIRKENSTOCK footbed to create a truly sturdy shoe. The renowned footbed is intentionally created to mold to wearer’s feet the longer it is worn, which means that once it has created your custom step, you can count on the shoe to be superbly comfortable too.

Who will love the BIRKENSTOCK Zurich?

The Zurich style is an attractive option for those that value comfort delivered alongside the quintessential BIRKENSTOCK look; those looking for the stability of a closed shoe but enjoy the open airiness of a traditional sandal. For anyone looking for easy footwear, the Zurich style offers a unisex option that’s super versatile. And like many of our open styles, it’s often worn without socks but uber charming when worn with during transitional months. Perfect for year-round wear